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Women In Marketing Spotlight Navigating Your Career Development with Mani Dasgupta

By Daina Tilton 
AMA New York Volunteer, Content Marketing

Women have made major advancements in becoming a significant part of the workforce, but they are still challenged by career development issues. It’s time to change that dynamic! What can we do to help support more women in their marketing careers? 

Be present and talk about it!

AMA New York is thrilled to host the fifth conversation in our monthly virtual series featuring women who are redefining marketing. On September 17, we continue the series with Mani Dasgupta, Vice President of Marketing at IBM. Learn how Mani has leveraged strategies to build a smarter business that demonstrates better decision making and long-term, sustained competitive advantage. 

Mani leads global product, content and brand initiatives for IBM Services, the services business of IBM that represents over sixty percent of IBM’s revenues across Global Business Services (GBS) and Global Technology Services (GTS). IBM Services is IBM’s business consulting, digital experience, process transformation, and technology services business that brings clients the expertise of more than 250,000 consultants and practitioners and creates value at the intersection of business insight and information technology. Mani also leads IBM’s Smarter Business initiative that enables adaptive organizations, building them for resiliency and change.

Mani brings to IBM deep, customer-centric marketing and leadership experience as IBM accelerates its transformation into the fourth platform of hybrid cloud. 

Mani is both a marketer and a computer science engineer by training. Prior to shifting gears to marketing, Mani spent many years in the design and development of enterprise system software for large global pharmaceutical companies.

While Mani takes her seat at the table, she’ll share her track record of transforming global businesses as an innovative and accomplished marketing leader. Afterward, Mani will answer all your questions in our live “Ask Me Anything” segment. 

You’ll leave feeling inspired with practical tools to bring back to work.