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Unlock the potential of NYC’s marketing professionals through our Thought Leadership hub.

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Empowering NYC Professionals through Thought Leadership

Thought leadership in marketing is about establishing oneself or a brand as an authoritative voice in the industry, offering unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and valuable insights. By showcasing expertise and foresight, thought leaders inspire trust and credibility, ultimately attracting and retaining a loyal audience of customers and peers.


The Future of the CMO

Shape the Future of Marketing with Your Peers

An Exclusive Opportunity for CMOs, CROs, and Heads of Marketing

AMA New York has formed a new program built exclusively for executive marketing leaders. This program provides an opportunity for meaningful exploration of strategies, sharing of success stories, and discussion of new trends. We facilitate confidential conversations, roundtable discussions, thought sharing, and educational sessions focused on addressing the important topics that shape the future of marketing and the role of the CMO.

CMO Video Series Season 1

A new, exclusive digital content series and exclusive content that provides insights on the chief marketer role.
Jim Walsh didn’t have a day of marketing experience when he was tapped to run Cisco’s Growth Marketing unit. Yet he found a way to take the mystery out of marketing and show its real worth. His journey offers revelations about how to achieve explosive growth by capitalizing on hidden customer data insights and building bridges between sales and marketing.
Does your marketing team comprise the nine areas of human intelligence? Geoff works at the intersection of marketing, technology, and pop culture. He has compelling ideas about how to build a bulletproof marketing team and how to cope with the loss of physical contact with customers.
When COVID-19 hit, Nancy had to rewrite her entire marketing plan in a weekend. And that was just the beginning. She shares an unvarnished viewpoint on the importance of being agile and flexible for all marketers who must navigate through disruption, grounded in real-world experience.
Are you interested in a deep conversation about CMOs? Engage with Joanna, a recognized expert on brand valuation, on the most important pitfalls for marketers, and how senior marketing leaders must elevate the function by delivering real brand value.



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