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Tag: Young Women At Work

6 Tips to Navigate Office Politics

No workplace is perfect. Office politics exist everywhere — though in varying types and degrees. Research shows its prevalence: It has been reported that 93% of managers claim workplace politics exist in their organization, and 70% feel that to achieve success, a person must engage in politics.

Let an Applicant Tracking System Be Your Friend

At several points over the course of your career, you’ll embark on the competitive mission to get eyeballs on your resume — but before you try wooing a recruiter, there’s another obstacle to contend with: the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Young Women at Work

2020 has changed the marketing environment and increased conversations about diversity and inclusion within the field, forcing marketers to implement new tactics to create a new type of workspace. When we are talking about young women in a professional environment, we understand that some can feel isolated at times. The lack of support, recourse, and tools create an extra step on the hard road to success.