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Tag: Martech

Resonate and Activate Marketing’s Age of Empathy

With President Biden’s declaration that all American adults will have access to vaccination in May, he has perhaps defined the optimistic beginning of the end of this pandemic. The pandemic’s disruption, felt so deeply in personal terms, has also profoundly impacted the business of marketing to our forever-changed population.

How to make your Content Marketing Strategy more audience-focused

Content marketing is an effective way to reach customers and prospective customers  — especially during COVID-19 when other advertising streams aren’t available. But it’s in need of a reboot, according to Robert Rose, founder and chief strategy officer, Content Advisory.

At The Intersection of MarTech Present and Future

In revealing the 2020 version of his highly anticipated Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic this past April, Scott Brinker discussed the challenge of its actual design given yet another year of spectacular “new venture creation.” Finding it impossible and ultimately counterproductive to crowbar what is now 8,000 MarTech solutions into category boxes of the right angle variety, his design collaborators at Blue Green instead allowed the defined clusters of category logos to determine visual boundary shape.