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Tag: Industry News

The Gobbler: Avoid Marketing to the Wrong Audience

Not everyone can be a subject-matter expert in their industry. And sometimes marketers have to take care of multiple industries, products and services. This means that you may have to rely on others to write what you need as a marketer.

Leadership Shifts During the Pandemic

Has the pandemic brought teams closer together? Interviews with 75 industry leaders shows that taking a human-centric approach to your work has positive effects on your employees, your productivity, and your sense of purpose.

At The Intersection of MarTech Present and Future

In revealing the 2020 version of his highly anticipated Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic this past April, Scott Brinker discussed the challenge of its actual design given yet another year of spectacular “new venture creation.” Finding it impossible and ultimately counterproductive to crowbar what is now 8,000 MarTech solutions into category boxes of the right angle variety, his design collaborators at Blue Green instead allowed the defined clusters of category logos to determine visual boundary shape.

Women In Marketing Spotlight Navigating Your Career Development with Mani Dasgupta

AMA New York is thrilled to host the fifth conversation in our monthly virtual series featuring women who are redefining marketing. On September 17, we continue the series with Mani Dasgupta, Vice President of Marketing at IBM. Learn how Mani has leveraged strategies to build a smarter business that demonstrates better decision making and long-term, sustained competitive advantage.

MarTech Virtual Happy Hour ICYMI: Cocktails in the Greenroom

AMA New York joined AMA Austin, AMA Triangle, AMA Washington DC and AMA members from the tri-state chapters August 27 in a virtual Happy Hour to talk about marketing technology (MarTech), upcoming marketing trends and challenges. Hosted by our partner Greenbook, close to 100 marketers joined the festivities and toasted to the end of the summer with tropical cocktails in hand.