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Tag: Digital

Five Ways an Advanced Online Degree Can Boost Your Career

A master’s degree earned online can set you apart in the increasingly competitive marketing industry — from the comfort of your own home. You can expand your skillset, increase your income potential and prepare yourself for leadership success, all without relocating or disrupting your career.

Resonate and Activate Marketing’s Age of Empathy

With President Biden’s declaration that all American adults will have access to vaccination in May, he has perhaps defined the optimistic beginning of the end of this pandemic. The pandemic’s disruption, felt so deeply in personal terms, has also profoundly impacted the business of marketing to our forever-changed population.

3 Myths of Startup Marketing

Startups. Marketing. For those in either world, one may sound secondary to the other. After all, startups can be more focused on building momentum for a product. Corporate marketers, however, tend to think about a brand’s story with a more long-term view.