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Tag: AMA Original Content

The Marketing Hall of Fame 2023

Induction into the Marketing Hall of Fame is a unique honor. The Marketing Hall of Fame is different from other awards in five ways…..

How Insights Departments Are Solving Problems By Taking Research In-House

Moving away from agencies and taking a more hands-on approach to research can feel difficult, but for those brands that do, the rewards can be huge. In this guide, we look at how brands including Organic Valley, World Remit, and PensionBee have powered up their insights departments by working with Attest.

Want Brand Equity? Deploy Working Moms

We are in a she-cession, a term coined early in the pandemic by C. Nicole Mason, President and Chief Executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. This term focuses on the negative impact our current economic crisis has had on women. The gender gap in unemployment rates is widening. How do we reverse this?