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Nike Brand Wins the Football Season — With or without Kaepernick

by Lisa Merriam
Member, Board of Directors

The Nike brand is running up the score this football season. Coming up the the Super Bowl, Nike has racked up a number of impressive achievements:

  • Speed Initiative: By cutting product development and production time 50% and getting closer to it fans, Nike;s “Consumer Direct Offense” puts relevant products in market faster than ever in a time-is-money world.
  • Most Anticipated Products: Nine of ten of the most anticipated products for 2019, according to Sneaker News, bear the Nike brand.
  • Innovation: Nike tells its brand story in a fresh and dynamic way with its new flagship 5th Avenue Nike House of Innovation, replacing the tired Niketown concept.
  • Kaepernick: Nike finessed “divisive” in one of the most talked-about campaigns of the year. Love it or hate it, Nike made headlines. Our post on the Nike controversy was our most read ever.
  • Marketer of the Year:Ad Age put the company at the top of its marketing A-list for taking the risks needed to win big.
  • Performance: It all adds up to growth and profit. Revenue in end of August numbers was up 10% over the same period a year ago and net income is up 15%.

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