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Choosing and Using Marketing Technology to Activate Your Digital Strategy

By Gene De Libero
AMA New York Chapter Member

Choosing and using the right marketing technology to activate your digital strategy is the key to delivering remarkable customer experiences that delight prospects and customers – and keep them coming back for more.

For many marketers, that is easier said than done. Digital marketing technology can be intimidating, and with literally thousands of choices, it is easy to spend precious budget on marketing tech that does not effectively enable your team.

Today, the marketing organization is charged with providing measurable results to the business — no more cost center. Marketing has to prove its worth as a member of the business team.

If you are strategic and measured in your approach to digital marketing technology, your marketing organization – and the business – will reap significant benefits:

Moving at the speed of the customer – The consumer moves faster than the brand today. The ability to keep pace helps you create customer experiences that drive deeper, more meaningful relationships that drive more revenue.

Empowering the marketing team – Your team can do more with less and do it faster, more independently, efficiently and effectively.

Achieving operational efficiencies – The right martech along with robust processes, controls, and metrics will help you run the marketing function as a profit/value center and fully accountable business.

Thinning the marketing technology stack – Many marketing organizations are only using 15-20% of the features/functions of their martech stack. Further, the stack is not integrated, creating data silos and the absence of a 360-degree marketing view. Purchasing a point solution each time you need to solve a problem means dozens of tools and no way to effectively and efficiently integrate or use them. Being smart about choosing and using marketing technology will reduce costs and complexity.

Turning interaction into transaction – Getting someone to a website is essential. Getting them to convert (read content, fill out a form, watch a video, buy a sweater, etc.) is the holy grail.

Measuring effectiveness – Research shows that, in some instances, marketers spend at least 10% of budgets on analytics. Too many marketers cannot articulate the value proposition behind investments in martech. Having a measurement plan and the right tools to turn data into information and insights is a game changer.

Reducing risk – This should read “not get fired.” If you take the time to define your marketing organization’s business needs and align them with your marketing tech purchases, you will reduce risk and exposure.

These are just some of the benefits your marketing team will realize when you adopt a strategic and measured approach to choosing and using digital marketing technology.