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Marketing Post COVID-19: Let’s Talk Opportunity

By Royce Johnson
AMA New York Volunteer

Roughly five months into the pandemic, it is fair to say that marketing post COVID-19 is likely to make or break this generation of marketers. With health and economic uncertainties unresolved and confusion reigning from the moving target of state-by-state reopening protocols, classic marketing questions are now being asked with heightened urgency:

  • “What channels will we use?”
  • “Who will we target?”
  • “What value are we bringing to our customers now?”

In this environment, marketing post COVID-19 demands a research driven approach to understand consumer behaviors and attitudes radically altered by stay-at-home and social distancing orders. How have these behaviors changed specifically because of COVID-19, and how are they likely to evolve as consumers emerge from restrictions and re-engage in social and business activities?

Drawing upon consumer behavior reports which have tracked attitudes and behaviors since the beginning of the pandemic, Aliza Freud, the founder and CEO of influencer marketing platform SheSpeaks, will discuss marketer expectations of consumer preference and share her informed predictions during a live webinar on June 25th, Marketing Post COVID-19: Now What?

Attendees can expect substantive revelations of consumer sentiment before COVID-19 and post COVID-19, with nuances explored that are critical to your company’s marketing strategy. For example, at odds would seem to be a reported 57% of U.S. consumers feeling overall uncertainty, yet 41% indicating they are optimistic about the country’s economy and just 10% indicating they are very concerned about their own financial situations.

Of particular interest will be the latest findings from  “Women React to Coronavirus,” a series of studies conducted by SheSpeaks in an effort to better understand how women are feeling about the impact of the coronavirus and how they are spending.