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Marketing Networking – Cocktails in the Greenroom

Marketing networking may not be your top priority now. With the global pandemic disrupting our lives and dictating new rules, not everyone can adjust. However, we are all doing our part by staying home during COVID-19. We are #flatteningthecurve.

The lack of human communication got more than 40% of Americans to say that they feel emotionally worse. Things we considered to be our routines have changed, like the simple walks outside for coffee and greetings from our colleagues sitting across our desks.

During these unprecedented times, we all feel different and it is okay. As marketers we know that communication is a key to success; we always strive to share ideas and inspiration with our peers and colleagues. Now more than ever it is important to stay connected and use technological advancement to build new forms of communication. There is a way to develop deep, meaningful connections from the comfort of your own home with some virtual marketing networking.

Join AMA New York for a virtual happy hour this Thursday, May 7th at 6pm, and make your favorite cocktail/mocktail while interacting with fellow marketers. Share ideas and discuss the most pressing questions. Have fun at no cost! Build new connections through live chat conversations, session breakouts and video hangouts. A huge thank you to our partner GreenBook for making this event happen.

By going virtual, we are opening the event to other AMA chapters for marketing networking on steroids. Join aspiring young professionals, experienced leaders and creative practitioners as you gain knowledge on how to adjust marketing. Every relationship could create a future opportunity! Stay safe and keep #networking!