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How to Stay Current through Marketing Change in 2020

By Karen Cummins
AMA New York Board of Directors

It isn’t easy to stay current through marketing change, given dizzying transformation of the field over the last 10 years. There’s no sign of it slowing down in 2020. New ad platforms, tech innovations, analytics tools and social media seem to pop up daily. Navigating this complex environment and staying marketing-savvy has never been more challenging.

So how do us marketers keep up?  The reality is, we can’t keep up with all of it.  But we CAN find some core resources to stay informed, relevant and bedazzling at company cocktail parties. I’ve set a new year’s resolution to stay marketing-savvy with a three-point plan. I’ve shared it below if you, like me, are trying to sort through the clutter.

Stay Current with Marketing Change: Pick a Marketing Podcast

Many podcasts publish weekly, so you aren’t deluged daily with a new subject.  If you commute, run, workout in a gym or can simply find 15 minutes a day, you can absorb a weekly podcast, which often run 15 to 60 minutes per episode. A good podcast can make your workout fly by. A few of my favorites, on the spectrum from inspirational to educational are: CMO Moves, Marketing Trends and The Sophisticated Marketers Podcast by LinkedIn.  But fear not, there are many more marketing-focused podcasts that a simple search is all it takes to find the right one for you.

Stay Up-to-Date: Commit to Two Marketing e-Newsletters

There seem to be an infinite number of professional newsletters covering every marketing subject on the planet.  How to pick?  I suggest subscribing to one go-to newsletter that is specific to your sector.  If there is a subscription fee, see if your company will cover the cost. Many do. In my case, the media and entertainment field, the daily newsletter Cynopsis keeps me in the know about hot news developments, competitive happenings and programming updates.

Once you’ve established your core sector newsletter, find another that covers cutting edge subjects that will keep you current. This is the resource that reports on innovators, new tech developments, marketing trends, predictions and research. eMarketer takes a digital focus with eMarketer Daily Daily Carnage curates top marketing content from the web so you don’t have to. Or check out the Content Marketing Institute newsletter. Content marketing is no longer just the purview of the entertainment sector.  Lifestyle, consumer products, travel, food, fashion brands and more ALL have to connect with consumers through relevant, compelling content.

Make Time for a Conference or Workshop

Taking time away from the office, hearing from leaders and trailblazers, and connecting with your peers is a fantastic way to reinvigorate your marketing soul while catching up on marketing change. Plus, it’s an opportunity to network with potential vendors, creators, partners, educators, sponsors and colleagues.

A dynamic conference or workshop should offer new perspectives, best-in-class marketing case-studies and professional development.  While your specific industry likely has an annual conference, there are others that bring together marketers across the business spectrum. I often find these the most mind-expanding.  A few that come to mind include Advertising Week , Social Media Marketing World, SXSW, and a variety of monthly workshops offered through AMA New York. That said, there are many more MarTech, Digital, Creative and Brand focused conferences you can research to suit your interest.

It’s a challenge to keep up with marketing change in today’s business landscape, much less our jobs, our families and our friends.  Making a few strategic, professional media choices allows you to strike that balance so you don’t strike out.