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Looking back; Have You “Future-Proofed” Your Organization?

Have you “Future-Proofed” yourself or your organization?  Over twenty attendees joined the AMA Executive Circle March 2018 meeting hosted by Ogilvy  on March 15th for a presentation by author and filmmaker Minter Dial entitled “ Futureproof Yourself – 12 Forces that can Disrupt You – Don’t Let Them!”

Minter Dial, founder of The Myndset Company and principal in DIGITALPROOF, a digital consultancy that’s helps organizations get ready and openly embrace disruption for its growth benefits, spoke passionately not about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) but rather about MRC (Meaningfulness, Responsibility, and Collaboration).  Minter took the spellbound group quickly through the 12 Forces, focusing extra time on AI and Genomics:

  1. 1) The web           7) Big Data Analytics
  2. 2) The smartphone           8) Blockchain
  3. 3) The Cloud           9) 3D Printing
  4. 4) Cyber-security                           10) Energy Storage
  5. 5) The Internet of Things (IoT)      11) Self Assisted Driving
  6. 6) Artificial Intelligence (AI)        12) Genomics

Minter talked about AI as basically really learning what you tell and teach a machine to learn.  It is still only as good as the information going in. But he describes it more formally in his book as “the development and use of machines to function in ways normally associated with the cognitive functions of the human brain.” This can include a host of things such as problem solving, decision making, language translation, speech and visual recognition to name a few. Curious?  Minter suggests visiting www.willrobotstakemyjob.com

With regard to Genomics, most of us have heard about the decoding of the human genome but even if we are aware of this progress, Minter says “ most (of us) are unsuspecting about the massive wave of new genetic information that is about to flood the world.”

Minter, a communication expert extraordinaire, summarized what we really need to do to embrace, conquer and challenge disruption as business leaders:

  • A) Craft and “over-communicate” a clear strategy
  • B) Fix the fundamentals first
  • C) Get in tune with a slice of P.I.E.  (the connection between your own Personal focus aligning with Internal systems and External Systems to drive business)

This presentation provided a new perspective for attendees and provided new ways of thinking about ideas (and the impact of the 12 Forces) to increase our personal and professional effectiveness. It’s yet another example of the value that AMA Executive Circle brings to our community of senior marketers.

Recap by Richard Miller-Murphy.