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Brilliance In Marketing: Futureproof brands with the right mindset with Minter Dial

Futureproof brands with the right mindset. More than change—DISRUPTION—is impacting every field of human endeavor. Minter Dial, author of Futureproof: How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption, gave a presentation to the AMA Executive Circle of senior marketers at Ogilvy back in March, covering forces that can disrupt organizations. We caught up with him for a quick talk about turning disruption to an advantage.


futureproof brandsTranscript:

00:02 More than change disruption is impacting every field of human endeavor including marketing.
00:09 We caught up with Minter Dial co-author FUTUREPROOF to find out how businesses can turn disruption into an advantage

Minter Dial:
00:17 The biggest thing that marketers need to understand about disruption is that it’s not about the technology it’s about how you use the technology and for what purpose
00:26 What I see time and again is that brands actually struggle to implement new technologies because they’re not very clear of their strategy.
00:36 There are really many things that people bandy about as to what is needed to drive business today with all these new technologies.
00:40 Typically we talk about agility—learn fast, fail fast …
00:46 Really what I I break it down to is three different mindsets
00:51 The first is collaboration marketers need to learn how to collaborate better within the organization and without, to get the best expertise to help them understand how to implement these technologies
01:02 The second is responsibility and there are a number of areas which are key, but the one I would focus on is responsibility with regard to your ethics.
01:10 And why is that important? Because we have to develop more trust. That is the single biggest issue that marketers are facing today, is that customers do not trust us.
01:20 The third mindset and not least because it’s the first chapter is about having more meaningfulness.
01:29 If you as a brand can increase the amount of meaningfulness not just for your customers, by the way, but for your employees, then you’re sure to have a brand that has a little bit more vibrancy, resonates better with your employees who are manning all the touchpoints and then hopefully resonates better with the customers.
01:41 Because the end of the day, we got a lot of great products (you do have to have great products, by the way), but if you can have something that’s more meaningful that you’re contributing to the community, that you’re contributing to a an exciting project, helping the environment, or maybe doing something better for the world,
01:56 these are the things that will establish a greater motivation hopefully more trust with throughout the organization

02:00 For marketers with the right mindset, disruption is an opportunity to create a customer-focused, trusted brand. And that’s brilliance in marketing.