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Brilliance In Marketing: The Future of Marketing Consumer Research in China and the U.S.

The AMA New York’s Brilliance in Marketing series talks to board member Craig Charney, who led our Future of Marketing research study. He shared some of the highlights of the study that focused on consumer attitudes in China and the US. in this time of economic conflict and rapid technological change.



00:03 The future of marketing is something we celebrate and explore at the American Marketing Association New York.
00:10 That’s why we initiated the study into the long-term marketing trends in China and the United States, two of the world’s largest and most dynamic economies.
00:20 We caught up with board member Craig Charney, who led the study.

00:26 We sponsored the research for two reasons. The AMA New York in America’s most international city; a commercial capital of the world.
00:32 And the second is that the U. S. and China are the world’s two largest markets.
00:37 And we wanted to give people a sense of what is happening not next month or next years, but five or ten years out.
00:43 We looked at three big areas: Trends in media use, reactions towards new marketing technologies, and the rise of economic nationalism.
00:54 The headline findings were these: Social media and online gaming have probably peaked in America. Both in America and China, consumers are very concerned about privacy.
01:04 Americans are pretty anxious about new marketing technologies, too, although the Chinese are more optimistic about them.
01:11 Half of Americans not only don’t have smart speakers, but say they don’t want them either.
01:17 And when we look at a variety of new marketing technologies, not just smart speakers, but also personalization of ads, augmented reality, or the Internet of Things, Americans are by and large unfavorable to them.
01:28 On the other hand, the Chinese are much more positive. They are much likelier to see benefits.
01:33 And last but not least, economic nationalism is on the rise in both countries.
01:37 You can find the report on the AMANewYork.org web site where there is a download link
01:43 Or you can come to our event at CKGSB business school on November 6, where a panel of marketing experts and I will discuss the findings at an AMA event.

01:52 As much as the future of marketing is shaped by the economy and technology, it is really driven by consumer attitudes, demand.
02:00 So download your copy of the Future of Marketing study and be proactive for future of brilliance in marketing.