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Brilliance in Marketing: Top Football Helmet Brands

Football and brands are practically synonymous. The football brands that really matter are brands you might not have heard of–unless you are a player, coach, or parent. They are the helmet brands.

Head injuries in football are propelling genuine advances in helmet design–true engineering miracles able absorb more than 50% of the force of a hit, dramatically reducing the potential for concussion.

Virginia Tech began independent testing of helmets in 2011. Here are the four companies making the top five rated helmets.


The same helmet (Riddell Speedflex) before the season:

football helmet brands

The same helmet after:


00:03 Brands and football go together but the most important brands in football are

00:08 brands you might not have heard of unless you’re a player coach or parent.

00:12 And those are the brands of football helmets

00:15 The American Marketing Association New York came out to take a look at some of the top rated helmets.

00:21 Head injuries in football are pushing advances in helmet design.

00:26 Some are absolute miracles in engineering able to absorb more than 50% of the force of a hit,

00:32 dramatically reducing the chances of a concussion.

00:35 Virginia Tech began independent testing in 2011 and here are the top rated brands.

00:41 Innovation is legendary at Riddell

00:44 from the invention of football cleats to the first non-leather helmet

00:49 to the headgear for General Patton’s tank crews in World War II.

00:55 In 2014, Riddell launched the SpeedFlex made with

00:58 a special kind of plastic and featuring

01:00 a unique groove so it can flex on impact and spread out and reduce the force of a hit.

01:05 The Precision Fit model will set you back $1,700

01:12 Schutt, Riddell’s primary rival, quickly caught up and surpassed Riddell

01:14 with its F-7 model

01:16 Schutt uses plates that flex on impact like Riddell, but

01:19 Schutt’s plates move independently from the helmet.

01:21 To further spread out the force of impact, an interior radiant diffusion liner and special stabilization system

01:28 work together to offer even more protection.

01:31 These two legendary brands now face two new competitors

01:35 Vicis came on the scene in 2013, not as a sporting goods company,

01:40 but as they say, a technology company and indeed technology

01:44 is inherent in their helmets.

01:47 Notably the outer shell is not hard plastic, but flexes on impact,

01:50 transferring force to an inner layer of flexible columns that torque when impact

is applied.

01:56 Last among the top brands is Xenith, which was launched in 2006.

02:00 The introduced their first helmet in 2009.

02:03 It, too, uses a multi-layered approach.

02:05 The flexible outer helmet covers an internal system of shock absorbers

02:10 that redirect linear and rotational energy.

02:12 Protection from Xenith is affordable.

02:15 A top-of-the-line Xenith costs about half of what a top-of-the-line Schutt or Riddell costs.

02:20 These top football brands are dominating the field, not just as

02:25 bestsellers but as leaders in protecting players

02:28 And that’s brilliance in marketing.