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Download Report: The Future of Marketing–US and China


How do the views of consumers and marketers compare and contrast in the world’s two largest world markets?

In a time of trade war, economic nationalism, and rapidly changing shifts in market production, demand, brands, and technology, marketers need an advance look to inform their plans and strategies. To give you that insight, AMA New York surveyed 500+ consumers and 500+ marketers in the United States and China. The expansive sample and in-depth questionnaire provided a rich trove of data that culminated in a groundbreaking research report that covers topics and questions that are critical for marketers today, including:

  • AdTech: Do consumers welcome the adtech innovations that marketers rely on to better understand customer behavior? 
  • Privacy: Do marketers’ estimates about privacy concerns align with consumer opinions?
  • Nationalistic Reactions: Even if trade disputes are seemingly resolved, how will they affect marketers and the view of brands by Chinese and U.S. consumers?
  • Media/Digital Media: Which consumers will increase their media usage and where should marketers allocate budget?
  • Social Media and Gaming: Which social media platforms are the most pervasive in the both countries? 
  • Virtual Reality and AI: How do U.S. and Chinese consumers feel about the use of these tools when it comes to advertising and privacy?

Special thanks to our sponsors Kadence, YouGov, GreenBook, and Charney Research.

Download the Report Here: