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How are consumers feeling during the coronavirus pandemic?

By Alexandra Krylova
AMA New York Volunteer

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for marketers to understand people’s behavior, see patterns, and try to predict what post-COVID-19 will bring along the way.

Last month, Aliza Freud, the founder, and CEO of the influencer marketing platform She Speaks, shared interesting insights about consumers’ thoughts and behaviors related to the pandemic.

Overall, the research shows that uncertainty remains the #1 emotion and will be on the scene throughout the pandemic, however, hope has also become one of the top 4 emotions. This tendency is a very good sign.

Here are the most interesting statistics:

Coronavirus pandemic duration

  • 45% of respondents think the coronavirus crisis will last 6+ months. That is 9 points higher than when the same question was asked at the beginning of May.
  • 13% say a period of 4-6 months.
  • 9% think 1-3 months and that is 13 points lower from May.
  • 32% are not sure how long the crisis will last.

The definition of when the “coronavirus crisis is over”

  • 64% claim the end will be when there is a vaccine.
  • 60% say when there is a medication to treat the virus.
  • 51% believe when there are no new cases.
  • Only 16% of respondents say they believe COVID-19 will be over when the federal or local government announces it is over. Overall trust in the government is low.

Activities people feel comfortable doing once the coronavirus crisis is over

  • 68% of respondents say they plan to go to friends’ and/or families’ homes.
  • 57% say they will go back to their office.
  • 22% are hopeful to visit another country at some point.

Additional consumer insights

  • 47% of respondents say they will continue to cook at home once the country is “back to normal.”
  • Consumers plan to pull back on vacations. Only 20% say they will be traveling, 42% reply “No”, and 19% say they will likely have a staycation instead.
  • 62% of survey takers express their concern about not having enough activities to occupy their children this summer.
  • 52% of families say they plan to send their children to school and college if they re-open in the fall.

Holidays play a special role in the social lives of Americans. Below is a summary of current opinions toward getting together during the major US holidays.

Together with the overall COVID-19 related numbers, Aliza also shared some social unrest/protest data:

  • 63% of respondents say they have discussed the protests/demonstrations and/or racism with their family members of a similar generation within the last 2 weeks: 59% – with their friends and 23% with coworkers. 7% say they haven’t spoken to anyone about those topics.
  • 59% think racism of any kind is a terrible thing but we need peaceful protests, whereas 31% say they are tired of hearing about the protests.

You can access the full webinar on-demand covering additional information here.