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Measuring Content Shock–Content Clutter Fatigue by the Numbers

Call it content shock or content fatigue, each one of us is bombarded by an astounding amount of content every day. Up against these statistics, you need to make sure your content marketing operation is acing best practices to break through and get results.

37 seconds is the average median time spent reading an article.
45% skim articles instead of reading them, scanning subheads, call-outs and pictures
1,050 words is the average length of a blog article
60 million businesses have a Facebook page

Every minute of every day:
12,986,111 Text messages sent
149,513  Emails sent
3,300,0000 Facebook posts made
3,800,000 Google searches conducted
65,972 Instagram photos uploaded
448,800 Tweets posted
2,610  Blog posts published
29,000,000 WhatsApp messages sent
400 YouTube hours of video uploaded

It is no wonder, with so much coming at us, that 75% of blog posts get fewer than 10 social shares and zero links from other domains. If you write it and hope they come, you’ll be waiting a long time. Good content marketing that starts with effective creation, and then continues through promotion and engagement can beat these statistics and get results.