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Congratulations to Judy Schiller, Named Marketing Volunteer Spotlight Award Winner

by Peter Owen

AMA New York launched the Volunteer Spotlight Awards to recognize the exceptional work of volunteers who give their time and talent to grow the organization. Since 2017, Judy Schiller has volunteered on the Programming Committee where she offers her events and photography experience. Today we are proud to announce that Judy Schiller has been named a 2020 Marketing Volunteer Spotlight Award Winner for her outstanding contributions to our chapter.

Check out Judy’s photography site, www.fotoqueen.com and watch her film on Vimeo on demand.

We asked Judy about volunteering and the value it provides to her career. Here’s what she said.

When did you join and why did you decide to become a member of AMA New York?

I joined AMA in 2017 at the recommendation of the then Baltimore Chapter President Dov Hoffman. He is the son of a friend of mine and was giving me marketing advice after my studies at Baruch College.

Why did you become an AMA New York volunteer? 

I wanted to connect with other Marketers. I wanted to meet people to get support and bounce ideas off of as I work alone. I thought a committee would be a great place to do that.

Why did you choose to volunteer for the programming committee?

I chose that because it is a strong suite for me. I photograph many events. I see what works and doesn’t work. I am a people person.

What is your role at AMA New York? Please describe your responsibilities in detail and include stats if applicable. 

I attend the committee meetings in person or by phone. I contribute ideas. I usually take photos for the events I attend.