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Companies Must Become Publishers: An Interview with Susan Varty

“Companies today are increasingly turning to content marketing to create awareness, generate leads, and move people to buy. Using content effectively means becoming a publisher,” according to Susan Varty, the Founder and CEO of HeadStart Copywriting – a company that helps Fortune 500 companies and fast growth innovators scale their written content.

We interviewed Susan to get a better understanding of what being a publisher means for companies, the benefits it brings, and the challenges of adopting this strategy.

Why is content marketing so important for companies today?

Companies need to talk directly to their customers; they can no longer rely on third party platforms and advertising in the same way – unless they are willing to pay a hefty premium. Creating good content is a magnet, bringing potential customers to investigate what you have to offer.

Whether B2B or B2C, companies that want to get noticed, get their message across, and open a relationship with audiences need a content marketing function as part of their operations. If your company is not effective in getting your messages online, you simply won’t get noticed. If you stay hidden, growth and revenue generation will stall.

How is being a publisher different from traditional marketing?

Publishing content to win attention is a long-term commitment unlike a short-term marketing campaign. It requires a content strategy that is connected to your business strategy to make enduring connections with customers and prospects. It takes time to build a reputation as a trusted thought leader in your industry. To be consistent and stay top-of-mind, you have to offer quality content that people want to consume and, more importantly, share.

What are the barriers for companies who want to become publishers?

One barrier is not making content creation a priority. When publishing is on par with operational priorities (rather than marketing priorities), it impacts hiring decisions, budgets, and how various parts of the organization, from HR, to sales, to investor relations, communicate.

A business strategy needs a content strategy that supports those goals and tactics. Many companies don’t have in-house resources or expertise to make publishing a priority and be consistent. And, frankly, it often makes financial sense to work with an outside partner.

How does your business help others publish?

I founded HeadStart Copywriting to help companies publish impactful content regularly and consistently (with fewer admin hassles). Outsourcing to freelancers can be expensive, and results in content that is sporadic in quality. Hiring a writer is risky and time consuming if they don’t work out.

So, I created “Copy-as-a-Service” inspired by Software-as-a-Service. Companies get unlimited writing and editing as a subscription. This prioritizes high quality and on-strategy content publishing. And it scales.

Our professional writers, who are also researchers, really get to know their audiences, customers, and industries. We can fine tune the tone and brand style, and contribute to generating strategic ideas. To get noticed in an increasingly digital world, you need a content partner you can depend on to deliver.

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