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Call for Mentors: It’s Never Been A Better Time To Give Back

It’s pretty much cliche now to say times have been challenging for everyone. While certainly not as difficult as healthcare and other front-line workers, Marketers have borne significant disruptions, budget cuts, layoffs, and furloughs. And many of these disruptions will be permanent. 

During these times, our next generation of marketing leaders need mentors more than ever. The AMA New York just relaunched our Mentor Program. And we need more mentors!

Why is mentorship more important than ever? As Scott Galloway, NYU Professor of Marketing and noted podcaster says: COVID-19 has accelerated almost 10 years of expected change into 10 months. Those of us who’ve been around the block for 15+ years, like myself, have already survived multiple shocks, insane growth, bubbles bursting, and recessions. COVID-19 might be the worst shock in a century, but it’s not the first, and it won’t be the last. As our prior blog post reminded us, our resilience and success rely on a tribe of mentors. They challenge us to stay focused on doing what’s right, help us clarify our objectives, and bounce back in the face of the inevitable twists and turns of life.

Less experienced professionals need more help than ever: dealing with challenging job environments, career switching, aligning goals and tactics with values, and more. As experienced professionals, our stories provide a unique viewpoint that help light their way forward.

We get a lot out of mentoring as well. Gain fresh perspectives from those who are less battlescarred than we are. Learn about the latest groundswell technologies and trends that we often miss or underestimate. And get the demonstrable psychological benefits from helping our fellow human beings. 

So, to repeat: we need more mentors. It’s no more than an hour or two per month of your time. Please consider sharing your expertise, your time, and your unique stories as part of the AMA New York Mentor Program. Applications close October 16.