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4 Reasons to Hire an Ecommerce Agency for Your Online Business (+ Top Recommendations)

Image Source: Digital Agency Network

By Usman Raza – Guest Contributor

When it comes to online marketing in 2020, the old-school, traditional methods are no longer effective. We’re seeing an uprising in the market. In this constantly changing digital world, businesses are turning to online marketing agencies to help them grow their business and build empires together.

Why? It allows business owners to completely focus on the things that matter most to the business and let the professionals handle their marketing and promoting their business online.

Using an agency to develop a marketing strategy for your eCommerce business can give you a place ahead of your competitors because you’re using the latest resources, techniques, tools and have a professional marketing team working with you.

Thousands of businesses are turning online every year. As a matter of fact, in the US alone, brands spent over $248.9 billion on marketing service in 2019.

While talking of the agencies, they’re also seeing the pendulum swing in their industry. By the year 2022, agency revenue in the US alone is predicted to reach $50 billion.

A few questions might be coming to your mind…

  • Why are eCommerce agencies so profitable?
  • What value does an eCommerce agency bring to your eCommerce business?

What is an eCommerce Agency Exactly?

In a few words, an eCommerce agency is an external company that partners with your business to help you solve your business problems and gain more customers or whatever your needs are. No matter you’re looking for someone to set up an eCommerce store for you, rank your store, driving leads, or generating sales. They’re available for all kind of eCommerce help.

So, without further ado, let’s find out why you should work with an eCommerce agency to help build and grow your eCommerce business online. We’ll also share a few best ones which we find online after analyzing hundreds of top eCommerce agencies. And this is how you should pick one.

Benefits of Working with an eCommerce Agency

Marketing is becoming more and more important for businesses to achieve a higher level of success these days – thanks to the internet. As of October 2020, there are over 4.66 billion people, according to Statistica.

That said, many professionals show less interest slow when it comes to outsourcing marketing — and for good reason. Outsourcing the control of your brand, your strategies, your processes, and your voice is a big deal — and shouldn’t handle lightly.

Is an eCommerce agency right for you?

Now, this might sounds hard ot tricky to you. How’d you know if an eCommerce agency will add value to your business and help you in the current stage of growth?

Well, here’s how many brands and companies benefit from outsourcing and stepping out, and bringing an eCommerce agency aboard.

1. Your marketing can be agile.

Working with an agency gives you the option to have subject matter experts at your disposal such as web experts, marketing experts, etc., without the cost of hiring them in-house.

While having an in-house team, a change in strategy, whether it‘s a new technology or an emphasis on an old one, you have to hire new team members with those specific skill sets. This reprioritization and hiring process can be messy, tough, and time-wasting.

Working with an eCommerce agency not only allows you to shift quickly, it also frees up budget constraints and allows you to focus on the largest amount of growth.

2. Gain access to premium technologies and products.

Top eCommerce agencies have access to the latest technologies, products, tools and often have first access to new products in the marketplace. Implementation and training for new technologies or platforms are often seen as a pain point for growing businesses, especially if you’re at the beginning level.

After all — when you’re in a resource-strapped and growing environment, every minute spent watching a training video or tutorial may be better spent on something else. With a professional agency, using new tools and technologies is much more plug-and-play.

3. Value-based work at a value-based price.

Agencies aren’t much expensive by any means, but when you look at the price of an agency versus the price of full-time in-house employees, the latter will be more expensive. In this digital era, maintaining an entire department staffed and constantly learning about the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing can be very time consuming and expensive.

The cost of hiring just one full-time in-house experienced team involves not only their salaries but also other things such as vacation pay, incentives, benefits, and a line full of tools and other necessities to run the department.

4. Gain insight from an outsider’s perspective.

When you got the chance to work with an agency, you’re pulling upon the experience and wisdom of a very large collection of work. If the agency you’re working with has worked with clients in your industry, they’ll have developed best practices and guidelines that are suitable and performed best for your industry. And this saves hundreds of hours of yours to go and learn them yourself.

Things to Consider While Investing in an eCommerce Agency

Before you invest in an eCommerce agency, there are few things that you need to consider. Make sure that you have an outstanding product with a good production flow and timeline in place.

  • Has your product been tested thoroughly?
  • Have you done a complete competitive analysis?
  • Does your product have positive reviews from people who have used it?
  • Does your company provide customer service or salespeople in place?
  • Ensure that your organizational structure is well-prepped and able to handle an increase in growth and demand.

No matter, for what purpose you hire the agency, you need to be prepared for everything.

For example, if you hired an agency to help you with your paid advertising, make sure your website has been optimized landing pages for higher conversion rates. Keep these factors in mind while you’re searching for an ecommerce marketing agency.

Now, let’s get to the top eCommerce agencies to consider if you got a short time and don’t want to consider all the agencies online.

Top eCommerce Agencies to Work With (Recommendations)

So, now let’s have a look at some of the best eCommerce agencies to look for if you’re thinking of outsourcing your business or project.

1. AbsoluteWeb

AbsoluteWeb is a full-service eCommerce agency, based in LA and Miami. They have developed functional eCommerce user experiences and help their clients reach their eCommerce goals. They’ve integrated different business parts into one digital commerce ecosystem to match the client’s needs and improve conversions.

Here are some of their valuable achievements.

  • Absolute Web become the 1st Bronze Magento Partner agency globally to get Commerce Specialization by Adobe in 2020
  • Absolute Web received the Multi-platform Agency of the Year 2020 Award by Searchspring
  • Absolute Web also became the First eCommerce Agency in South Florida to reach Shopify Plus Partner status in 2020
  • Absolute Web was also listed in Inc.5000 for 3rd year in a row (2018, 2019, 2020)

2. 1Digital Agency

1Digital Agency is a multi-channel eCommerce marketing platform, well-regarded Elite BigCommerce partner for development, design, and marketing. They’re specialized in eCommerce work and BigCommerce in particular. They have a group of professionals working altogether to fulfill their client needs.

Here are some of the honorable clients.

  • Rollie
  • Mayfair Hotel Supply Company
  • eCowhides
  • Paravel
  • Shadesdaddy
  • Genius eCommerce (and the list goes on)

Brand Labs is a Certified, Elite BigCommerce partner that designs beautiful websites and build with the focus of converting more leads into customers. They’re an award-winning company and provides custom development; qualified traffic, and marketing services; for high-growth Merchants.

Here are their main expertise areas.

  • PPC Management
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • CRO


  • Certified BigCommerce Partner
  • Elite BigCommerce Partner


  • Mac of All Trades
  • Toku-E
  • Autograph Foliages
  • Harman Corporation
  • Joyous Health
  • BonBonBon


For businesses who are interested in gaining the upper hand and increase their revenue, one of your first steps is to utilize online marketing techniques. eCommerce marketing agencies are a one-stop-shop to help your business to use cutting-edge technologies, platforms, techniques, and products that can grow your business online.

Author:  Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian Web Design Company and a marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at PSD to WP Service, and Mentors For SEO. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.