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Are Our Practices Creating an Exclusion Pipeline?

New Report: Marketing’s Role in Creating an Inclusive Future: Confidential Insights from 25 Executive Marketing Leaders


What is marketing’s role in pushing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) forward? We asked 25 executives from across the country to weigh in on how they are prioritizing DEI, the emerging role of DEI leaders, and the role of the CMO  when it comes to creating a talent pipeline.

This report curates the thoughts, ideas, actions, and questions CMOs had with regard to:

  • Understanding the role of marketing in a company’s DEI journey
  • The impact diverse marketing teams have on promoting inclusivity or exclusivity
  • Marketing best practices for creating an inclusive workplace culture and community

Marketing leaders and their teams can use the insights from fellow executives to inform their commitment to DEI and think through strategies that align with their business objectives and connection to their communities when it comes to building a diverse and inclusive pipeline.


Marketing’s Role in Creating an Inclusive Future was created in collaboration with AMA Cincinnati, and AMA PDX and sponsored by LetterShop


Don’t miss out on these insights from executives from SMBs, nonprofits, and Fortune 1000 companies that spanned 11 cities and 13 industries.