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Young Women @ Work: Power and Organizational Politics

[On Demand]

Power and politics. Vital and yet often elusive topics as we work to increase our influence and advance our careers. This ubiquitous yet often unspoken dimension of organizational life and culture is often swept under the carpet. But, it shouldn’t be.  Importantly each of us needs to be aware of its implications and what they mean for us! Join AMA New York on Thursday, April 15th from 12-1 pm EDT for Young Women @ Work to learn how to better recognize and navigate the power and politics in the workplace.

Jacqueline Strayer, a communication and marketing executive, elected officer of three global Fortune 500 companies and a graduate faculty member at NYU and Columbia, will discuss her approach to the complexity of organizational power and politics. During this interactive session we will explore among other issues:

  • What are organizational politics and its implications?
  • What are  the types of power that exist in organizations?
  • How does power influence organizational members?
  • What are the causes and consequences of political behaviors within an organization?


  • How power is advanced within an organization.
  • Why and how leaders drive compliance within their organizations.
  • What political behaviors exist in the workplace and what do they mean.
  • How simple tactics can help you navigate the political environment you may face.


  • College intern to CEO-level staff in marketing.
  • Marketing and advertising employers who partner with the industry.
  • Young women and those who manage them.



Jacqueline Strayer
Graduate Faculty Member
Columbia University and NYU

Jacqueline Strayer is a faculty member in graduate and executive programs at Columbia University and New York University. She consults on marketing, public relations and leadership and is a frequent speaker and moderator with professional groups around the world. A former elected officer of three public companies, her work, writing and research focuses on the implications of contemporary issues and their implications for the practice. Look for her new podcast, People In THIS Moment℠.

For general program related questions please email [email protected]