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The Post-Pandemic Future: The People Revolution, Powered by Technology

From the great resignation to increased scrutiny on how social media affects our mental health, this year we’ve experienced a demand for change. Change in the way people want to work and be valued, change in the way customers want to share their data and shape online communities, and overall, change in where people want to focus their time and our money, both as employees and customers, to build a more fair, equitable and sustainable future, all powered by the right technology that can connect us instantaneously to the people, services and products we need.

Join us for our annual agency panel, where top leaders across North America will discuss how they are harnessing technology to build a new workplace vision, to connect with audiences on their terms and drive value for customers in a post-cookie world, and to be both a force for growth and a force for good in the post-pandemic future.


AMA New York is proud to partner with AMA Toronto to bring this international event to market!

For general program-related questions please email [email protected]