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The Innovation Lab: Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurial Thinking Masterclass

[On Demand]

Join us for a virtual masterclass about creating breakthrough ideas in a world of accelerating, exponential, and disruptive change. This signature course created by entrepreneur and academic, Mukesh Patel, is designed to be an inspirational “out-of-the-box” and thought-provoking experience. It leverages multi-disciplinary perspectives to create opportunity in times of disruptive change. The hour will be filled with interactive visual stimulation, mini-case studies of innovative people in the marketplace, and frameworks for refreshing ways of creative thinking.

The Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurial Thinking course is often described by students to be “transformative” or “life-changing” because it engages people to think at a higher order of magnitude as they transform fluid thoughts into solid ideas. This course inspires attendees to become high-performance leaders, innovators, creatives, and disruptors.

The presentation will be intellectually stimulating and fun. It is experimental by design, experiential by approach. Attend if you are ready to unleash your creative and innovative potential.


Mukesh Patel
Entrepreneur | Advisor-Investor | Professor | Innovation Executive

Mukesh Patel is an Entrepreneur/CEO, innovation strategist, and advisor experienced in private equity, venture capital, technology, business law, and education. Mukesh has founded numerous ventures, secured significant capital, and collaborated with more than 100 investor partners and 1,000+ startups. He has been featured in national media, named one of the “Hottest Movers and Shakers in the Startup Scene” by Entrepreneur.com. He has delivered keynotes, multiple TEDx talks, and masterclasses nationally and globally at top universities and corporations.

At Rutgers University, Mukesh is the founding Director of The Innovation Lab at the Honors College and the Road to Silicon V/Alley Program (RSVP) and the Director of the Collaborative for Tech Entrepreneurship & Commercialization (CTEC). He has received the Presidential Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, the Student Choice Award for Best Professor, and Entrepreneur of the Year. He serves on advisory boards and leads corporate training for high performing executives at innovative public and private companies.

For general program related questions please email [email protected]