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The Impact of Employee Experience on Customer Experience Webinar

 Humanize your Organization to Drive Outstanding Business Results

Chief Customer Officers Fall & CXPA Webinar

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Live Webinar

In the lead up to Chief Customer Officers, Fall, we will be hosting a CCO Fall & CXPA Webinar and we would love to have you part of it.

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Customer-Centric organizations understand that the next frontier to drive competitive advantage is the human experience. Recent studies have looked at the correlation between engaged employees and happy customers; it is a known fact that when organizations improve their workforce experience, the customer experience is positively impacted. However, CX leaders often encounter some challenges when it comes to influencing the employee experience, since this area typically sits under HR.

This engaging webinar will discuss best practices and equip CX leaders with strategies to:

  1. Transform legacy mind-sets and work cross-functionally to align EX and CX
  2. Deploy agile approaches to embed CX into daily practice
  3. Leverage people, process, and technologies to transform company culture

If you’re interested in networking with and learning more from our speakers I encourage you to join us at CCO Fall as we’ll have a wide range of topics being discussed around customer experience. Request an invitation today as space is limited!

We look forward to having you join us!