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Prestige & Power: Nation Branding at the Crossroads

The past three years have upset three decades of global order. With a geopolitical realignment underway, countries are going to new lengths to manage their image in the pursuit of trade, tourists, and talent. And from advertisements to sponsorships, ‘Twiplomacy’ to talk shows, these country campaigns are changing attitudes worldwide.

How can marketers channel the enthusiasm of ‘citizen-customers’? Fend off bot-triggered publics? Engage with influencers and activists?

Join us for a special conversation to explore:

  • What is nation-branding and how has it evolved
  • Which techniques are countries using to market themselves today
  • What are the biggest wins and #fails
  • Which metrics countries use to keep score
  • What can nation marketers and brand marketers learn from each other

We will hear from

  • Simon Anholt, Founder, The Good Country Index
  • Samuel Heath, Head of Communications, British Embassy, Washington DC
  • Matthias Leufkens, Founder, @DigiTips, previously @Twiplomacy
  • Yaiza Cardo Ramírez, Director of Marketing, PR & Communications, Ritz Carlton, Abama

Moderator: David Rosen, Board Member, The Marketing Society, NY

Every attendee will get a free electronic copy of Simon Anholt’s new book, “The Good Country Equation”

This session is in partnership with AMA New York

Timings: 11 am CT, 12 pm ET, 5 pm GMT

For general program-related questions please email [email protected]