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Let’s Talk About Equity: A Masterclass for DEI Practitioners & Marketers

What’s the difference between D&I and DEIB? In the past 3 years, companies have increased their spend on D&I, DEI, and DEIB initiatives with varied success. The trouble is, that everyone isn’t clear on the role these initiatives serve and what each “letter” stands for, especially the “E.” Equity is often the stepchild of the D&I discipline until now.

Hear firsthand experience from former President of AMA New York, Karen McFarlane and organizational culture expert Brittany S. Hale of BND Consulting Group as they examine the purpose of equity, what it looks like when done right, and the unexpected alliances it creates in the C-suite.

This 3-part masterclass will be on LinkedIn Live starting 5/12, 5/19, and 5/26 at 12pm EST.


About Karen McFarlane

Karen McFarlane is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 25 years of success across the technology, artificial intelligence, professional services, ecommerce, education, and entertainment industries. For the past 15 years, Karen led Kaye Media Partners, a strategic B2B marketing practice specializing in high-growth startups and innovative ventures. Through a strategic partnership, Karen serves as Chief Marketing Officer of LetterShop, a boutique marketing and creative agency delivering 360 solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.

About Brittany S. Hale

Brittany S. Hale is the CEO & Founder of BND Consulting Group. As an undefeated trial attorney, Brittany took what she learned in the courtroom to build highly engaged, trustworthy, and resilient audiences within organizations. Her focus on values-led leadership impacts organizations across industries and produces equitable and inclusive work environments. She’s worked with public and private organizations in banking, tech, fitness, government, and law and increased client revenue by over $400,000 thanks to her proprietary methodology for intentional culture creation.

For general program-related questions please email [email protected]