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Join us for the Global Brand Convergence®

Join us for the Global Brand Convergence®, Nov 29 8AM ET

A free global online experience with contemporary topics including Artificial Intelligence, social impact and even comedy with relevance in marketing, public relations, education, and leadership.

You will also enjoy and be inspired by artistic performances in music, dance and the visual arts. These exceptional people are coming together for your benefit.  Free registration at www.globalbrandconvergence.com

Among the speakers and topics to be covered are:
“This has nothing and everything to do with AI”, Ted Lim, Creative Consultant (Asia/Pacific)

“AI and Creativity”, Baris Gencel, Creative Director (China/Cyprus)

“Rethinking Productivity with generative AI”, Conor Grennan, Dean of MBA Students, NYU Stern (USA)

“Synthetic Muses: Unleashing Creativity in the AI-Infused World”, Tery Spataro, Creative Director and Author (USA)

“A different approach to Conservation, the Environment & Human Development”, Larissa Sousa, Associate Director and Spokesperson (Mozambique)

“The ROI of LOL”, Clayton Fletcher, Comedian, (USA)

“AI to the Rescue: Thriving, Not Just Surviving, in the Digital Age”, Yair Nativ, Co-Founder and CEO at Hour 25 (Israel/USA)

“AI and its Ethical Considerations”, David Epstein, Professor, Adviser, and Investor (USA)

The Global Brand Convergence℠ is a self-funded experience with no paid sponsors.