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Blockchain in 2018: Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers, Part 2

Building off of Rolfe’s blockchain primer in May, the second part of GreenBook and WARC’s blockchain webinar series will walk you through specific actions marketers and companies can take to develop their own blockchain plans and pilots.

By joining this webinar, you’ll:

  • Further understand blockchain technology
  • Explore how new blockchain protocols are being developed to serve content owners and data users
  • Discover how blockchain is being applied to provide transparency, efficiency, accountability, and security across the insights and marketing value web
  • Examine specific companies and ecosystems that are developing marketing and insight-focused solutions

Not able to tune into the live session? Not to worry! All registrants will receive a link to the recording of the presentation so please register even if you’re unavailable during the scheduled time.

Presented by:

Rolfe William Swinton
Director, Data Assets

Please note: Registrant data will be shared with WARC and GreenBook.

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