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Our Leadership

Lori Johnson

President & Executive Programs Chair
Appara by commVerge Marketing

Lori founded Appara Digital Marketing following her success in global marketing in technology and specialized consumer services. Leading up to the formation of Appara, she held various global marketing positions in voice, mobile and infrastructure technology. While establishing brand recognition and working on deals shoulder-to-shoulder with company leaders, Lori also built partnerships with industry leaders such as Motorola, Samsung, Telefonica, Vodafone and others.

Working with established brands, as well as start-ups, Lori has been instrumental in assisting businesses with very specialized offerings to expand market reach. Several of these companies have been acquired or, completed strategic mergers.

Regarded as a highly skilled Marketing Strategist by Appara clients, Lori focuses her strengths on digital marketing and implements campaigns for mid-sized companies, large corporations and government agencies. Appara has won business with a Fortune 500, Northeast utility company, federal and state agencies and corporations throughout the Tri-state area.

Mobilizing teams and empowering customers is her passion. Throughout her global marketing career, she led marketing teams that have built brands in new markets, increased customer acquisition rates and gained loyal brand advocates.

Lori resides in CT with her family, is an avid skier and a bicyclist and, loves to travel. She is fluent in Spanish and learning Mandarin.



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